Is Astrology A Pseudoscience?

“Astrology, is the best-known Pseudoscience” the Astronomy textbook, says. There is much to question, even Astrologers question how the process works. Manifest: from the greatest philosophers in time, many famous and unrecognized scientist’s.

We have documentation, of the affect’s planet’s have on the weather, and animals dating back to 3,000 BC by the Mesopotamians.

By 1,000 BCE, Astrology evolved, into a systematic science, gaining a elaborate rule-based system with its own internal logic.

By the 15th century, the planets projections helped priests understand, what was needed to keep harmony between heaven and earth. After the Babylon fell, to the Assyrians and Persians, interpretations then evolved towards a individual context. The first known Natal Chart, dates to 5th Century BCE.

The first University, was that of Pythagoras, a astrology school. Plato, attended this University and took his studies a bit further, in 360 BCE. He developed, the start of mathematical astronomy, providing more accuracy for astronomy and astrology. One of many scientists was Galileo obtaining a medical degree, he taught geometry, mechanics and astronomy at the University of Padua, from 1592-1610. During this time period; he made significant discoveries in Pure Fundamental Science and Applied Science.

Pseudoscience, is a set of beliefs, that appear to include scientific ideas, but fail to obey the most basic rules of science.

Astrology, is a discipline tied to studies of mathematics and astronomy.

The text book explains, “Pseudoscience appeal’s to our need to understand and control the world around us”. There are, a lot of mysteries that are not proven scientifically. The light bulb, before 1879 could have been considered a Pseudoscience, by skeptics. Religion, could also be considered a Pseudoscience, as there is no scientific proof, that God exists. Although, there is so much to our existence, that shows us that there is something bigger, than us.

The biggest misconception in Astrology, is the daily horoscope, based strictly on the sun. The horoscopes, relay that as I am an Aquarius, and I am the same person; as all people born between January 20th and February 18th. Horoscopes, began in the 1930’s by H.R Naylor, a British Astrologer. He published, a popular article on the birth chart of Princess Margret, shortly after her birth. H.R Naylor, knowing a prospect when he seen it, began a daily column, “What’s your Sign?”. The horoscope, is based on the day for which you were born, a shortened version of the natal chart analysis. The Natal Chart, is based on the day for which you are born, the time of day you took your first breath, and the location on the earth: as longitude and latitude. Astrologer’s, can then make a chart, based on each planet in its position, on the time and location of your birth. There are, no two people with the same analysis. Astrology, is the concept that something born in a particular moment in time; has a lot to do with that moment in time.

Astrology, can predict the weather, and the best time for crops. It is psychological, predicting challenges or easy times, we gain foresight: as the best times to start or avoid projects. Astrology, can also be helpful medically. Pseudoscience, I believe is understanding that there is something more than just what we live. There is truth, to Pseudoscience with a higher consciousness, with this knowledge: you can see with all your senses.

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