The Sign of Taurus, the Fixed Mode and the Element

Taurus as a fixed sign, is reliable and stable. They are builders and leaders. When the Taurus has something in mind to accomplish they have determination to not just bring what they have started to completion, but also ensuring there are no shortcuts taken, giving their goals effectiveness. They will not let anything stand in their way of there desires. They will work endlessly to gain the life they dream, nice home, maybe even a top of the line car. But they will definitely have no problems climbing the executive ladder, if they wish to do so.

Taurus is Earthly. The Earth aspecthelps the fixed mode quality the Taurus has, a great deal.  Giving them the gift of practicality. Theywill be less likely to put all their hard work towards something that willnever be used. Or to work on something to the point of over exertion. They willtake their time and figure out what would be more helpful to daily living. Butit does give them more of a materialistic quality. So, they may be moreinterested in gaining the hottest sold items then settling down with a family.As, adding the fixed mode with the earth element, I imagine the Taurus in asuit and tie, or vise versa for the lady Taurus. I imagine them to have theirhair maintained to perfection.

But then you look at what they explain as the Taurus. Which seems to represent a lot of what the Mode and Element bring forth to this sign. Adding the likelihood of a person that likes to have flowers in their home, possibly a garden. It could also seem that if they find their selves in a negative state of mind, they may want to go outside maybe take a walk. Fresh air, the trees, flowers feeling God’s riches would reboot the Taurus and give them a sense of calm or maybe gather all their thoughts. The Taurus as having much will as far as their accomplishments can also be stubborn, they should be aware that other people could give them a prospective that may give them more effectiveness, as far as what they are perusing. The Taurus could cling to hard to the outmoded. There are many aspects to life Taurus! All work and no enjoyment is not healthy for any creature. Stop, take a look at the stars and the feeling you gain from the air. As nature is your calm.

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