What is Astrology? Introduction Speech

General Purpose: To inform my audience

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience of Astrology

Central Idea: To inform my audience of the horoscope, the Natal chart, and the definition of Astrology.


Introduction: “As above, So below” The elements of the universe make a human form, the ego, giving a map to enlightenment.

Internal Preview: Gain knowledge on what is known to be astrology and what astrology may be.

Main Point I Inform the audience of the daily horoscope and how it was established.

  1. In the article, Sun sign columns History, validity, and an armchair invitation, by Geoffrey Dean explains that popular forecasts took off in August of 1930 in the London Sudden Express.
  2. British astrologer named H.R. Naylor published an article interpreting princess Margaret’s chart shortly after her birth.
  3. The article gained fame and Naylor began offering a weekly column using the Sun sign as the main factor.
  4. In 1984, In the United States the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal began a campaign against sun sign columns, urging the U.S columns and magazines to label a disclaimer to their columns stating that they were for entertainment purposes only and had no basis in fact.
  5. By 1976, 1200 U.S newspapers adopted the disclaimer, with rising numbers of newspapers following the lead.

Transition: Astrology has many aspects in an individual’s chart.

Main Point II Inform the audience of Astrology and the Natal Chart.

  1. In the book, Traditional Astrology For Today An Introduction, Benjamin Dykes explains that our actions and choices are casually affected by our physiology and character which can be understood astronomically. Dykes states that planetary conditions reflect real affairs in life.
  2. In the book, Horoscope Symbols, Robert Hand explains exactly how a Chart is interpreted.
  3. Astrology is the symbolic value of the human psyche. Astrology shows who we are inside, how we react to external events; Astrology is a study of the whole human life and everything concerning.
  4. The horoscope is not fortune telling, but who we are and what shape we are going to give to one’s life.
  5. There are psychological, spiritual and metaphysical energies in every aspect of our lives. Astrology is sharing these energies with the universe that ties us to it, gaining unity, ensuring we are at home in it.
  6. Hand describes the horoscope is an individual through symbols:
  7. The most-used categories are:
  8. The points in the chart
  9. The planets including the Sun and Moon are formatted in degrees on a chart. As planets move at different speeds, as do their placements on a chart, in the form of degrees.
  10. The planets signifying energies as they are experienced.
  11. The angular relationships
  12. The horoscope is usually represented as a circle with the individual as the center.
  13. The planets and angles ranged around the circumference.
  14. The angles signify the planets in relationship to one another.
  15. The zodiacal position
  16. Is the measurement in progress of the planet through the zodiac as opposed to their actual position in the sky.
  17. The Sun on the chart is a clear indicator of the time of year.
  18. Signs assist or inhibit the expression of the planet’s energy, but the energy is ultimately unchangeable.
  19. Signs signify behavioral quirks that give a person a great deal of individuality.
  20. The mundane positions
  21. The houses representing areas in life where planetary energies can manifest.
  22. Houses represent compartments of self, the psyche, and the environment as it is acted upon and experienced.

Transition: But what is astrology?

Main Point III Inform the audience of what astrology may be.

  1. In the pdf, Astrology and the Social Sciences: Looking inside the black box of astrology theory, Ken McRitchie examines the definition of astrology, “It should be supposed in astrology that, as part of the design economy of nature, events within a microcosmic environment, such as the life circumstances of an individual, mirror in consistently understandable ways the events within a symmetrically related macrocosmic environment, such as the celestial environment surrounding the individual.
  2. It is the symmetry, based on the man-made world and the universe.
  3. One boundary, the behavioral circumstances in life. The other boundary is the cycles of planetary environment surrounding an individual.
  4. These boundaries are suggested by the ancient hermetic maxim, “As above, So below”.
  5. The modern cosmic symmetry.
  6. Within fractal geometries that iterate at different microscopic and macroscopic scales.

Conclusion: A quickening of planetary action, is the genius of the natural man. Every individual has their own intents, astrology gives the knowledge of order in all walks of life.

(c) 2019, Andrea R. Rice, All Rights Reserved.


Dean, G., & Mather, A. (n.d.). Sun sign columns History, validity, and an armchair invitation. In http://www.astrology-and-science.com .Retrieved from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R._H._Naylor https://web.archive.org/web/20070105015345/http://rudolfhsmit.nl/s-hist2.htm

Hand, R. (1981). Horoscope Symbols (pp. 1-33). Atglen, PA: A Division of Schiffer Publishing.

Dykes, B. (2011). Traditional Astrology For Today An Introduction (pp. 1-29). Minneapolis, MN: Cazimi Press.

McRitchie, K. (2006). Astrology and the Social Sciences: Looking inside the black box of astrology theory. Correlation, 24(1), 5-20. http://www.theoryofastrology.com/black_box/correlation24-1-mcritchie.pdf


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