Introduction to Me!

Giving you insight from the bottom of my heart! Please Read! We all deserve truth! I am hear to give that to you! ♥️ Welcome to my page! 😊

I would like to introduce myself, someone that has always asked, why am I punished??? Well, until last year!

I found God after a 18 year breakup, gaining so many gifts! Realizing, how much power he not only gives us: mind, body, and soul! But also the knowledge to know the tests he will give us. Why, does he do this??

King James Version 2 Corinthians 5:1

For we know if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.

What knowledge have I gained?

I gained knowledge to know, the power God has! He gives us these inevitable tests, and wonderful gifts (our earthy minds see as a coincidence) through his power of the universe. We gain: negativity, depression, and frustrations, from planetary positions as opposed to who we are on earth.

But why does the position of the planets effect us?

Because, if we fully accept our God and realize our truths of who we are, planetary energies cannot effect our days or our moods!

Easier said than done, though. As, with this knowledge and my belief in God as my father. I gain willpower but not enough to change the effects I gain from these energies.

I am Andrea Rice!

Owner of Ourdaydream page as well as I am on a passage to self-growth. I am 36, and a mother of 3 children. I just enrolled in college for the first time in Dec. 2018. I am in my 3rd month, with decent grades working towards a business management degree. I am also enrolled and 3 months into Kepler college to gain a Astrology certification. I am well educated in Numerology with a certification. I have been a CNA for the past 6 years.

Wonder why at 35 years of age I make these severe changes?

I was curious of Life. So I searched. What I found was reality, that has helped me in so many ways. I have also realized, how we are trained as a society and don’t even realize it. We are put in a box. Earth is our box, we work to the point of exhaustion, gaining exhaustion, loosing who we are and that our lives are worth something. We are taught in our educations from kindergarten up, knowledge that gives us ignorance of life.

Numerology and Astrology has been named a Pseudoscience. And when we see these words, we see, illusion. We see this because that’s as far as our education allows us to see. As H.R Naylor was an Astrologer. He started a daily column in a newspaper. The public gained the knowledge of astrology. That was fake, a lie, and absurd. We gained knowledge that 1/12 of the population on earth would be the same person. Although, we do gain energies from our zodiac as our what Astrologers call our sun sign. The truth to Astrology, no 2 people on Earth have the same Chart nor the same personality.

But as Astrologers and associations fought these columns. They could not seize this knowledge from the public. So we remain ignorant to what Astrology is as the newspaper gives generations their horoscopes.

What can we gain from Astrology and what is it?

Astrology is the planetary position of the moment you were given life as opposed to the planetary positions in a constant. What do we gain from a Astrology reading? Well, there are personality traits that others see in us, we can’t possibly see in ourselves. Astrology gives us not just what people will tell us, but also from a more educated and advanced view. We gain the reasons for our obstacles and insight as to what they are. Why? To give us a clear understanding and a awakening. What does God expect us to learn from this life? This knowledge came to man and gaining a systematized science with an elaborate rule based system dating back to 3,000 BCE. As, astronomy only separated from this system 120 years ago.

What can we gain from Numerology and what is it?

Numerology is a understanding that energy is everlasting. These energies can all be understood through numbers. Each letter represents a number. Your name and birthday are equations . When these equations are put into energies the equivalent gives us knowledge of what we’re capable of and our personality flaws that may stand in our way of being our best self. You gain a clear understanding and a awakening. What does God expect us to learn in this life? This knowledge was brought to men 600 years before Jesus came to be.

I feel I have a purpose in this life.

As I am relentless at studies, I am gaining knowledge to give society a awakening. Because God knows we need it. I want to help people see life for what it is not what we are taught. I know all to well, what helplessness feels like in a variety of aspects. As that was my life. Life may seem impossible, or unbearable, or you may feel weak. Let me help! You have an unruly child and don’t know what to do. Let me help! You just want to evolve. Let me help!

You are hear to expand your knowledge as I gain mine! Love, to all! Thank you for your support!!

(c) 2019, Andrea R Rice, All Rights Reserved.


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