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I would like to introduce myself, as someone who has lived in torment. I have been through so very much in my life. After a 17 year breakup, in 2017 I gave my heart back to God: who gave me truth through knowledge, giving me faith that all things happen and are happening for a reason, with this faith I gained gifts. I am here to give you insight that I have learned from my journey. Knowledge, that is dismissed from our culture today. We all deserve truth, I am here to give that to you! God gives us strength: mind, body, and soul! God gives us the knowledge to know our tests.

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Why, does God do this??

For we know if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.

King James Version 2 Corinthians 5:1

What knowledge have I gained?

I gained knowledge, to know the power that God has. God gives us inevitable tests and wonderful gifts (our earthy minds see these as a coincidence), through his power of the universe. God lovingly guides us, using the planetary positions, bringing us closer to him. If we do not contain the holy ghost we are at risk of gaining: negativity, depression, and frustrations. We may never look to our faith, and guidance from within, unless we loose all faith in external events.

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But why does the position of the planets effect us?

I came to the realization of what freewill means. Freewill is the choice to either live with God, or live without God. What does this actually mean? It means that if you live with God, you gain no effects from any outside resources. You gain a blanket of love and understanding. You gain access to your desires, without corruption from anything or anyone. What if, you choose not to be in a relationship with God?

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If you choose not to live with God within your being, you are at risk of being manipulated. First, you gain illusion within your mind. You misinterpret conversations and situations. Second, You gain protection that ultimately hurts you. You gain memories for which you use to navigate your life. This is not good, especially if you contain a lot of bad memories. Third, you gain the planetary positions. These are ever so changing. One minute your upset, the next angry, the next your happy.

I am Andrea Rice!

I am the manager of Ourdaydream Facebook Page, as well as I am on a passage towards self-growth. I am 36, and a mother of 3 children. I just enrolled in college, for the first time in Dec. 2018. I am in my 3rd month, with decent grades; I am working towards a business management degree. I am enrolled, and 3 months into Kepler college, to gain an Astrology certification. I am well educated in Numerology, obtaining a certification. Previously, I worked as a certified nursing assistant, and for a moment I went to school to be a licensed practical nurse. I also, received a certification for life coaching. My mind is ever changing, all I know is I want to share my gifts to help others so they can share theirs.

Why at 35 years of age, does a person makes such erratic decisions?

I had a lot of questions that I needed answers too. I needed to know why it was that I was bringing myself down? Why did I have everything I needed and even wanted, and I was still miserable. What I found was reality, that has helped me in so many ways. I realized, how trained we are as a society, and we don’t even realize it. We are put in a Earth made box, we work to the point of exhaustion – gaining exhaustion, loosing who we are. We forget that our lives are worth something. We are taught in our educations, from kindergarten up, knowledge that gives us ignorance of life.

Numerology and Astrology, are labeled a Pseudoscience.

When we see these words, we see illusions. We see this because, that’s as far as our education and religions allow us to see. H.R Naylor a British astrologer, provided us with the newspaper horoscope columns on August 24, 1930. The public then gained an inaccurate view of astrology. With the horoscopes in the newspapers, its no wonder people view astrology as fake. Every Aquarius is not having the same day as my own; although, we do gain energies from our zodiac, as our sun sign. The truth to Astrology is that no two people on Earth have the same Chart, nor the same personality. Truth is that in ancient times, we relied on astrology for many things.

What can we gain from Astrology and what is it?

Astrology, is the planetary position of the moment you were given life, as opposed to the planetary positions in a constant. What do we gain from an Astrology reading? There are personality traits that others see in us, we can not possibly see in ourselves. Astrology shows us the obstacles for which we will gain, and the reasons for those obstacles. Why? To give us a clear understanding, and a awakening. What does God expect us to learn from this life? This knowledge came to man, gaining a systematized science with an elaborate rule based system, dating back to 3,000 BCE. Astronomy only separated from this system 120 years ago.

What can we gain from Numerology and what is it?

Numerology, is the understanding that energy is everlasting. These energies, can all be understood through numbers. Each letter represents a number. Your name and birthday, are equations. When these equations are put into energies; the equivalent gives us knowledge of what we’re capable of, and our personality flaws that may stand in the way of becoming our best selves. You gain a clear understanding, and a awakening. What does God expect us to learn in this life? This knowledge was brought to men 600 years before Jesus came to be.

I have a purpose in this life.

My purpose is to awaken our society. I want to help people to see life for what it is, rather than what we are taught. We are taught to trust in things that can be proven. If things that have not been scientifically proven don’t exist, how can we possibly explain our existence. This is where chaos lies. There are many scientists that explain our knowledge, that has led us to ignorance. It is worse than that, though. We relentlessly run the hamster wheel, getting nowhere fast. This leads to diagnosis, and prescriptions that do not help. We decide that there has to be something wrong with us. You see, you can not fix something that was never broken. You can only learn how to use these resources. True knowledge lies within the unseen. We can see that a tree exists, but the real truth in knowing were that first tree came from.

I know all to well what helplessness feels like, in a variety of aspects. Life may seem impossible, or unbearable, and you may feel weak. Let me help! You just want to evolve. Let me help! Love, to all! Thank you for your support!!

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4 thoughts on “Introduction to Me!

  1. Hints to the Ancient Wisdom. says:

    A very nice introduction! Kudos to the efforts and earnest struggle to seek wisdom and spread joy! If I may ask few basic qtns: How well do you read into the language of planets? Does your search include the effects of stars? Also, how do you link numerology with astrology in simple terms? I just want to know your views on these aspects to understand the core of this blog more!

    Also, please do read the articles numbered : 36 Mystic Nature of Numbers, 35)Tetractys of
    Pythagoras, Astrology Basics (part-1), 8) Astrology and Karma theory of my blog and let me know your views. When I get time, I will be reading your expositions on the similar topics. This blog has an interesting approach and I appreciate you taking time to share with us, your wisdom! Thank You!

    • ourdaydream18 says:

      Does your search include the effects of stars?
      I am just doing basic astrology, I am wrapping up my first, of 4 courses. I am working to obtain my certification, which takes a year. A diploma, if you are lucky takes three years. So, I am no professional by any means. I have knowledge: as what energy the planets gain from each sign, the whole house system, and a few aspects. Putting it all together, is definitely, like learning another language, and is not a simple process for me.
      Does your search include the effects of stars?
      Chiron gives so much knowledge, if you have had tests in life, that may be baggage. Chiron helps you get rid of the heavy weights. I will be using the bigger asteroids, but I will stay clear from to many aspects. I feel, I gain enough knowledge, from simplicity. I have not obtained much knowledge, other then the planets, though. My number 1 passion is Numerology, I can not read enough, I love it! I also, want to gain some credentials, as far as life coaching. My ultimate goal, when I gain the knowledge, is to spread it, and also those who come to me for help will find more strength then the text book councilor’s.
      Also, how do you link numerology with astrology in simple terms?
      Each number represents a planets energy. It’s amazing how you can read your numerology and also check out your astrology, gaining the same point of view. Numerology, to me is more knowledgeable as your body, your life. Astrology, tells me, what we are going through and why.
      I just want to know your views on these aspects to understand the core of this blog more!
      Basically, I am very lost with my website. I write about subjects, for my class, as interesting as possible to me. I figure, knowledge is knowledge. I will check, out the articles and let you know!

      • ourdaydream18 says:

        Thank you! For making my site feel real for a moment, and pushing me a bit to check over my blogs. I had a lot of error! I only wrote as much as a texting, until this year, and you would never catch me reading a book. So, I am learning a lot, very quickly. Also, thank you for all your kind words!

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