Taking Over Space

“NASA Aims to Accelerate SLS Megarocket for 2024 Moon Push” article explains, that the United States government is assisting Nasa on launching the Orion Crew Capsule to the moon by the year 2024. The plan in place is to: return astronauts to the moon to establish a permanent base, implement space traffic management, and establish the United States space force to protect our nations asset (the Moon). The United States is asking other countries, to be international partners on this mission, Canada was the only country at this time, to sign a 24 year commitment to cooperate on the lunar gateway. The return of astronauts to the moon, is to not just establish a permanent base but also develop technologies there, ultimately letting astronauts surpass the travel to Mars.

“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”
Neil Armstrong

The government’s plans for the 2024 mission, is ridiculous. The idea of a permanent base on the moon is productive in gaining further access into space, but I feel that we are taking over an area that is empty, for a reason; as we have human existence on Earth, for a reason. On top of that, lets have a United States space force to protect our moon, as the United States property! Since the existence of man, there has been war, chaos, and destruction on Earth, human destruction will no longer be contained on Earth, in 2024 human destruction will include space. What is sacred, I wonder if this word exists in the United States Government, and why it is, the government decides our fate. I would like a vote, at the very least, concerning the fate of me and my family.

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