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Hello my name is Andrea Rice, and I am a Certified Numerologist and Life Coach. In life I have been through a lot of trauma, which guided me to the gift and understandings of numerology! Numerology helped me to understand that my life is planned in accordance to the divine, and there were lessons to be learned. Numerology gave me a commonality with each human, in return I gained more confidence to spread my wings and fly.

Information Available To Obtain From The Conference

  • Your Birth Report
  • Your Current Forecast
  • Will Your Business Produce Results
  • Your Compatibility Report and your current Compatibility Forecast
  • The Energy Your Home Holds

The Knowledge You Gain From Your Birth Report

Your Life Path Number

  • Your Life Path number is the most important number in your report.
  • The moment of your birth. you gained your very own unique personality.
  • You gained a potential, and the freedom to expand that potential. .
  • Your Life Path gives you the journey you are traveling in this life.
  • All the other numbers are simply assisting or challenging you in your life in order to achieve your potential.
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  • The day of your birth expresses your talents, it indicates a special ability you have to achieve on your Life Path.


  • Your Expression or Destiny number reveals the potential you are trying to achieve each day to help you on your Life Path.
  • It reveals who you wish to be in this life.
  • It reveals your core values, and the achievements you wish to obtain.
  • It contains your soul, and the accumulated wisdom from your past lives.


  • Your Heart’s Desire is the inner you.  what motivates you and the choices you make in life.
  • It reveals why you do the things that you do.
  • It’s the connection of your soul from the Earth to your spiritual presence.


  • Your Personality is your true nature pinpointed.
  • It’s the you, that you freely share with the world.
  • It’s the aspects of others that you appreciate.
  • It’s the means which you choose who will be present in your heart and in your mind.
  • It lets you know the kinds of people that you do not wish to have in your life.
  • It is how people perceive you to be.


  • Your Maturity number indicates a desire you gradually gain around age thirty and will provide you with a more profound impact after age thirty-five. 
  • It helps you to better understand who you really are.
  • It changes the direction of your life.


  • We gain Karmic lessons from our past lives, they are areas that must be worked on in this life. 


  • Your Hidden Passion shapes your personality it calls for you to acknowledge and live by its nature.
  • It helps to guide you in life.


  • Your Physical Body
    • The way in which you perceive the world
  • Your Mental Body
    • Your mental constitution when dealing with information you gain
  • Your emotional Body
    • Your feelings towards yourself and others
  • Your Spiritual Body
    • Your intuition from the spiritual realms of consciousness


  • Your Balance number provides you with the knowledge of how to best deal with difficult situations.
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  • Your Rational Thought number reveals your thinking process.


  • The first letter of your first name gives additional information of your character.


  • Your Subconscious Self indicates how you react in challenging circumstances.  
  • It also reveals the part of you that needs strengthened.


  • Life is a learning process, we have to go through the bad in order to learn the good that life contains.
  • We have to consciously work on our weaknesses, in turn we gain empowerment to become our best-selves.
  • You have Four Challenges to be faced in your life.
  • Your Challenges are specific lessons that you must attend to on your journey through life.
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  • The Pinnacles are split into four long term periods in your Life Path.
  • The transition from one Pinnacle to the other are strongly felt.
  • Knowing this information can help prepare you for an approaching Pinnacle.
  • Two years before the approaching Pinnacle your life will begin seeing many major changes.
  • They gives you a firmer basis for your identity.


  • The First Cycle
    • Is where you find your true nature and identity.
  • The Second Cycle
    • Is the middle part of your life where you gain your creativity and individualism.
  • The Third Cycle
    • Is where you gain the flowering of your true nature.
    • Like the spring your soul has blossomed.
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  • The Transits will tell you about specific influences taking place in your life, during given years.


  • Will tell you the specific influences you are gaining over the coarse of the current year you are experiencing.
  • The Personal Year runs from January to January, and the Essence runs from your birthday to your birthday.

Personal Month

  • Indicates what you are experiencing in your current month.


Click the link to schedule your conference today! https://calendly.com/ourdaydream18/numerologyanalysis



You will receive a Decoz Numerology PDF of the information you choose.

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You will receive a 2 hour maximum conference call, and a free Decoz Numerology PDF.

*During our conference call I will explain your numbers, and the path you are currently on. I will assist you in finding solutions to a problem that you may be facing. As a numerologist and a life coach I know how to read your life in-order to help you gain clarity, understanding, and the best way to pursue what your life has in store for you. Click the link to schedule! https://calendly.com/ourdaydream18/numerologyanalysis

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I have been blown away, I have never met a single human who I only want to hear what they have to say for eternity in a spiritual manner. Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart and soul, you have no idea what you have done for me!”

– Brian Fisher

“Andrea is very good at giving her Numerology Readings. Everything she put in her report about me was right on. And her Diamond Report was right on also. If anyone is looking for someone to do a reliable reading for them she is the one that will do it. She has a quick turn around and from that I have seen very conscience about doing the reading exact. In my mind she is the best!”

– D.L. Huffstutler

* All sales are final and nonrefundable, although you do have the option to reschedule. You retains full responsibility their own well-being and is solely responsible for any actions or decisions they take as a result of the Numerology conference. I am not and can not be held liable for any action or inaction or any direct or indirect result of this conference. I cannot ‘cure’ anything, mental or physical and is not a replacement for therapy or medical help.

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