Contemplation At The Lake

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I traveled to the local lake today to contemplate. I contemplate consistently, all day, everyday. There is something about the water that makes me feel closer to home. A connection with my home that gives me the answers I seek. As I use a rock for a pillow, I begin to contemplate.

The Sun Is Rather Bright

It makes me want to rest my eyes and go to sleep. Or could it be Gods gift blanketing me with peace, so much so that it makes me want to rest my mind?

A Fish

A huge fish jumps out of the water, as to say hello! The man, the man is brilliant. He is creative, inventive, mysterious, and intuitive. Then there are the fish, they do not waiver in thought, they are content doing what they do. They know their place. I realized how advanced we are as a society and how miraculous it is that we exist amongst so many inhabitable planets.

A Bird

There is a bird. There are so many different species! There is so much to learn on this planet and in the universe that I may never learn the different species. So today, I will say there is a bird. It just stands there in the water so beautiful, confident, and poised. This bird knows it’s place!

A Spider

There is a spider. I look at it and I think of the old me. A year ago I would have killed that spider instantly out of fear. Today, I look at it with peace knowing that it is God’s creation, and through God I am safe.


I learned a lot today from my contemplation at the lake. I learned that I don’t need to know my direction, I need to be more confident in my steps. I realized that all these animals aren’t worried about how they will gain what they need, they just receive what they need. I learned that as long as I am a child of God I am where I need to be, and I will receive exactly what I need.

Blessings to All!

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  1. Mary Avatar

    Beautiful Andrea. You have grown so much in spirituality since I first met you.

  2. Margie kepner Avatar
    Margie kepner

    Again, beautifully written! What a wonderful gift and purpose you have received!πŸ™πŸ™

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