10 Changes You Can Make Today That Will Change Your Life!

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There may come a time in your life when you just don’t feel at home in your own skin. Are you content with who you are today? If you are unhappy with the way your life is playing out, keep reading.

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10 things you may want to look at to actualize who you want to be.

1. When you look at who you are without any outside influences, who do you see? Is there anything that you may be doing to hurt yourself? You are a unique individual! The person that lies within you only wants to be happy. Happiness lies in your perception of the world around you. If you have any negative behaviors, change your perception to embrace happiness.

2. Are you still holding on to the past? Are you holding on to resentments? How do these resentments make you feel? No matter what your past handed you, resentments are you simply punishing yourself for a moment that has passed. There is something positive we can pull from every negative. See the positive, and let go of the negative.

3. How do you react? Are you quick to react before really soaking in the situation? Do you react negatively? How does it make you feel when you react in a negative way? Today is the day to change your reaction. Today is the day to compliment disrespect. Why should you compliment someone that disrespects you? If you react to disrespect you are actually fueling the fire of the aggressor, as well as taking in their negativity. If you compliment disrespect you may turn their day around, ultimately the truth is that you gain from giving.

4. Do the people in your life feed your soul? What kind of people do you keep in your circle? Do they add happiness to your life? Or, are they constantly sucking the happiness out of you? Are they people that raise you up, or bring you down? Are they the image of the person that you want to be? Sometimes, we have to make the choice to love from a distance because our wellbeing has to be the top priority. No one is worth more than our own happiness. I’m not saying abandon people in your life that you love, I am simply saying you should do what’s best for you and those you love.

5. How do you treat other people? If you are treating other people badly how does that make you feel? No matter what a person does that you look down upon you only hurt yourself by giving negativity to negativity. The people you constantly come in contact with may not deserve your kindness, but you should realize that you don’t know what they have been through in their lives. Sometimes people just need love to show them a new day.

6. How do you keep your environment? Is your environment a mess? When your environment is a mess, how does it make you feel? Chances are you won’t be able to truly embrace the new you if your environment is bringing you down. Clean up the chaos.

7. Are you happy with your daily routine? How do you go about your day? Is there anything you are lacking that brings you a sense of disappointment. Disappointment does not fit in the realm of happiness. If your routine makes you unhappy, change it. Go to bed proud of your accomplishments!

8. Is there something that you are putting off doing that would make you happier? Do you think about relaying a message to someone, but you’re too scared? Is there a place you have always wanted to go but never had the money? Maybe, you never even left your state? Maybe you have never been able to stick up for yourself? Don’t let your limiting beliefs scare you from your happiness.

9. Do you enjoy your current position? Does your job make you miserable? If so what’s holding you back? Is the mountain you have to climb worse than working in this position for the rest of your life? What are you waiting for? Fear and happiness do not correspond. Chase your dreams!

10. Does your life have purpose? Do you feel like you make a difference in other people’s lives? This is very important because if you are only receiving and not giving you will be out of balance. You will never be content with what you receive. Same goes if you are always giving out and never receiving, you will feel drained. Give without expectations, and receive the gift of pride.

Your life will not change in an instant. This is a constant evaluation and effort, but over time you will look back at the changes you have made and see the efforts were worth every moment. What changes can you start making today to change tomorrow?

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