Let Go Of Everything That Is Out Of Your Control

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How do you walk your days? Do you see things for how they truly are? There are many circumstances that we go through in our lives where we have two choices: blame others, or look at ourselves.

We may blame everything on ourself. We may take all the wrongs of the world and place them on our shoulders, then when things slip through our fingers we beat ourselves up. Or, we may blame others for ruining our moments, our days, or even our lives. We gain anger that we hold to be true.

The key is to judge everything that we hold true to our minds. The truth is that our mind is an illusionary perspective. What does this mean?

Let’s say we get angry because of somebody’s actions, we must instead seek understanding. They have their own perspective. If we are allowing their illusion to bring about a negative emotion inside of us. That is our fault, it is not theirs. Let go of others’ actions, love yourself through the chaos.

If we lose our job, we must see that there is a plan in place much larger than our own. We are in control of nothing in our lives. You were meant to lose that job so that you could gather more resources: such as knowledge, and perseverance so that you will be prepared to gain a better position. One that you may love. This is your opportunity to chase your dreams.

We may lose the love of our life. We thought for sure they were it, while they were trying to find better. We thought for sure they were it until they began mistreating us. We thought for sure they were it until they decided to give up on us. It was out of our control. We blame them for not loving us enough. We may have been hurt so bad that we have a hard time seeing that the relationship was never ours. We may neglect to see that their is our person waiting patiently for our love. If we keep our hearts on lock down for fear, we may just walk right past the one that will unfailingly fill our hearts with joy.

When we decide that we will not place blame on people, but rather see things for how they truly are, we find peace in the destruction. Let go of all that’s out of your control, be open to receive.

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