What Will Be Your Legacy?

As we plan our days, we put a picture together in our minds. You may have work, the bills need to be paid. You may have dinner to make, kids to take care of. You may need to go shopping today, you need groceries. You may rush through your days, wishing you had just a little more time. You may look back and see a repetition of events. You might have some good days and some bad. You may even have too much time with not enough excitement.

There are many things in a day that must be accomplished. We can’t stop to smell the roses, we may miss a pivotal piece of our lives and our whole world may simply shatter. We may find ourselves as procrastinators because we just get tired of trying to play catch up. We find our time to lay down, while our minds won’t shut off from the things that we needed to do but didn’t. We may lay there thinking about all the things that we have yet to accomplish.

What if you had one more day on this planet? Would your bills matter? Would work be a priority? Would you worry about what you must make for dinner? We most certainly would not make any of thee above as a priority. We don’t think about our last breath as an option in our daily travels. We don’t think about the fact that we could be walking up the street and be gone forever, with a legacy to leave behind.

What will your legacy be? What will you leave your family with when your gone? Some may wish to leave behind a material legacy: money, resources, etc.. Although, when we think of our families, we most often will think of the good memories.

Live each day as your legacy. Follow your dreams, the happier you are on the inside the more love you can give away. Don’t define your life as the things that need accomplished, define your life as a living legacy. Show your loved ones that the sky is the limit, the world is in their hands, and there is a love that never dies.

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OurDayDream was founded by Andrea Rice as a means of helping others thrive spiritually after suffering 34 years of depression. Andrea is now a content creator, blogger, influencer, and Christian life coach - focusing on self-growth and personal development. She also started The OurDayDream Show, a weekly video podcast, that features various guests including music artists, authors, life coaches, spiritual leaders, and more.

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