Today, is a New Day! Christ Has Risen!

Good Friday, we nailed what was hindering us to the cross! I mean really do we need to keep with us past resentments when it was all apart of God’s plan for us? So we release all that we have ever known and give it to God to hold forevermore, the past the present and the future.

Saturday, we slowed down to see the beauty that surrounds us. The blue sky’s, the birds so free and alive, the precious moments of love that we have. To see past our circumstances and into the present reality. Tomorrow is not granted to us, it’s a gift that we should embrace everyday.

Today, Easter Sunday, Christ has risen! Today, we are lifted out of the negativity of our minds and we gain a new way of living. God gave us a new day, a new life, a new view! Who we were no longer serves it’s purpose, today, we are born again into the man that God intended us to be! We see all things clearly now, our stress is lifted! We are grateful that God has a plan for our lives, and we are ready to walk in glory!

God Bless you all! I hope you all have a beautiful day basking in the love of our father!

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