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Find forgiveness for your past and inspiration for your future by evaluating what is holding you back.

We are all a product of our environment. We naturally believe what our mind tells us about who we are and the lives that we live. If you feel stuck, like you are just alive rather than living, I want to challenge your concept to find the contentment you have been seeking. Let’s co-create a view that you may not have noticed and a future to be excited about!
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“When we focus on what we don’t want, we find the repetitive lessons. But when we focus on accomplishment we receive passion and new beginnings.”




The Perfect Love



Introduction To Me!

HELLO! My name is Andrea Rice and I want to share with you the evolution of OurDayDream! I spent 34 years of my life extremely depressed, living in the fog. I didn’t find appreciation for anything. I kept pushing forward, gaining lesson after lesson. I never felt like I was moving forward, but I was chasing my tail. I realized that it wasn’t circumstance holding me back because I changed my circumstances and I was still standing in the same place. It was my mindset that was holding me back due to a life of struggle and traumatic memories.

Realizing my pain was self-inflicted I found a deep passion to learn why humans do the things that they do. I became a seeker. I became fascinated with everything from psychology to numerology and so much more, all leading me to biblical counciling. There is so much we can learn to live a better life which is all found in the holy bible, the living word.

OurDayDream was founded to take the world along with me on this ride. If you are tired of the repetition, of chasing your tail, sign up today for a free consultation! Let’s find out if we can work together to give you the vision you never knew you had stored away for this changing point in your life. You deserve freedom, passion, and happiness! Today is the day to choose a new tomorrow.

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