Abide By Sight, It’s Your Will

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It’s incredibly easy to walk this life blaming our internal emotions on environmental happenings. Why would we want to take responsibility for our own emotions? I mean, it’s painful to look at our darkness with judgment. It’s even more difficult to look at the pain that we don’t understand. It’s just darkness that is unexplainable, yet obvious when provoked.

Do you walk your days believing that God knows your every movement? Or do you walk your days free from judgement? I wonder if you are lost right now by my banter? Please, allow me to explain. If you are not walking with God evaluating your steps, you are walking by your will, your not accepting the judgment of God. Regardless no matter how hard you try to escape judgment, there is no escaping the love of our father.

We tend to walk our days in mere movements, not really examining our motives. When bad things happen to us, it’s fight or flight; Our emotions kick into overdrive and we find ourselves swimming in regret. There is a difference between God’s Will and Our Will. God’s Will is relinquishing our judgment. While abiding by our Own Will is trying to escape God’s judgment.

Your will can only comprehend an understanding based on your past experience. Your understanding is based on what you have seen, experienced, learned, and felt. Your understanding doesn’t know any better than what you have been taught. Your understanding brings forth insanity, because you only know one way until you learn a new way that is based on past procedure. The only way to relinquish your will is by failure, God’s judgment.

God wants to provide you with glory. Sometimes glory can only be provided by discipline. To think about a spirit so perfect, God can see all of the qualities we entertain which can be a scary thought. So out of fear we find it easier to abide by our own will, never understanding where our pain comes from. We blame our pain on the world, rather than understanding that we were being disciplined for abiding by our will.

When we abide by God’s will we are gifted glory. Glory is the opportunity to praise God in our storms because we understand that we are being taught something brand new. Glory allows us to be open to receive, rather than wanting because we know what we receive is a gift to cherish, and what we want is in loving hands. Glory allows us to forgive our imperfections because God is perfecting us through every fall. We are able to embrace every movement provided to us with a grander understanding.

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