Let The Sting Of Pain Push You In A Positive Direction

When we experience failures, traumas, and pain for that matter, it’s only natural to attach an emotion to it. The focus I am speaking of is not the emotion, but the definition. . . When your subconscious brings that faithful demise back to your consciousness, do you see victory? Oftentimes without pain there is no progress, we are comfort-driven creatures. There were some things that you needed to learn, and pain served that purpose.

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OurDayDream was founded by Andrea Rice as a means of helping others thrive spiritually after suffering 34 years of depression. Andrea is now a content creator, blogger, influencer, and Christian life coach - focusing on self-growth and personal development. She also started The OurDayDream Show, a weekly video podcast, that features various guests including music artists, authors, life coaches, spiritual leaders, and more.

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