Life Is A Gift We Are Expected To Enjoy

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This blog is dedicated in the loving memory of a precious friend of mine, Brandon Rowland. These words were my first words of many beautiful conversations with Brandon! I don’t always feel comfortable allowing others to see my soul, but Brandon allowed me to show him immediately. He is with God now, with a beautiful scenery our human minds can’t comprehend, in heavenly places. Thank you my angel for the times spent chatting about life. R.I.P

Brandon Rowland, July 4th 2020

Reply to Brandon; We are here to experience, love, and gain wisdom. That’s it, that’s what life is all about. Our flesh tells us there is something more that simply doesn’t exist. We use what we see as a means to guide us on our path, we gain a distortion of reality. Truth is nothing matters besides our peace and satisfaction, our happiness. Everything we see is moving us closer to that, although, we see it is a normal occasion to be miserable. After all, we reside on Earth and will have flesh until we seize to exist.

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