You Can’t Hide From Yourself Forever

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In a moment, we can lose everything that is of visual importance. The physical is only ever temporary. But it’s what you have on the inside, that which is only felt by others that’s eternal. Physical beauty means nothing with an evil foundation, but it’s when people feel who we are that adds to our lives, at the end of the day it’s what’s inside of us that builds our view. That when we leave this earth our impact lives on.

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  1. DiosRaw Avatar

    Reblogged on @diosraw and a shoutout. ❤

    1. ourdaydream18 Avatar

      Thanks love! I appreciate it so much!

  2. DiosRaw Avatar


    1. ourdaydream18 Avatar

      Thank you! 🙏💖 I wish that you had your comments opened! Would be awesome to interact on your posts! We have a commonality of perspective for sure!

      1. DiosRaw Avatar

        Indeed, you remind me of myself. I might open the comments now that my blog is evolving; I think I have fears from a few years ago when I was bullied heavily and traumatised. ❤😘

      2. ourdaydream18 Avatar

        They got punished. 😊 Let me know when it’s opened! And yes you gave me a lot of views yesterday! Did you get any extra? I shared your website on Facebook. But Facebook doesn’t cooperate often! Lol

      3. DiosRaw Avatar

        I will let you know.. I will contemplate it! My blog seems to be blowing up and I don’t know if I have any extra, I know there are many souls viewing though! Thank you so much, appreciated. How long have you been blogging? Amber. ❤

      4. ourdaydream18 Avatar

        I had the site for 2 years. I didn’t do much with it often. I just started disciplining myself with it like a week and a half ago.

      5. DiosRaw Avatar

        Ah okay cool, what made you start blogging and what would you like to do with your blog? Amber. ❤

      6. ourdaydream18 Avatar

        Honestly, I was going through all kinds of processes that year. Later to find out it was actually a spiritual awakening. I was starting stuff only to find myself unsatisfied and beating myself up for being defeated, later to find out that was part of the process. As with everything else that was brought to me that year I decided to make a brand so to speak. OurDayDream. I slowly kept working with this brand as I gathered the desire to do so. But really I have to just found my niche and tribe. So I have been working towards building that. Most my effort has been on OurDayDream Facebook page, profile and group. But I am branching out with that. I do have OurDayDream as a LLC for coaching which I plan to start really moving on that soon. But truly as the meaning of my website now is to inspire people. And to throw in some marketing for my coaching. I would really love to start writing for a living. I enjoy it. But idk. I guess I am still trying to find my exact placement and am being a tool for the kingdom and listening and abiding to the best of my ability. What about you? What made you start blogging and what is your plan for your blog?

      7. DiosRaw Avatar

        Hey, that is awesome, you will be a great writer and inspiration, I know it. I started blogging to save myself from suicide after experiencing severe trauma when I went travelling at 17 a few years ago, I need to write to get my thoughts out, to have a purpose, to inspire others, to be in service to the Great Spirit, to write up my research and to write down downloads of universal information I receive. My plan for my blog is to expand it, help awaken fellow souls, continue growing it and writing about all sorts of topics. I don’t know who I am or where this is going but I carry on. Love to you. Have you managed to make any connections on WordPress? ❤🙏😘

      8. ourdaydream18 Avatar

        Thank you so much! 💖

        We a similar story, it takes death to manifest life and purpose.

        You are the first connection I have made, I have a lot on my plate, I don’t have much time to read or comment! And I love and appreciate you very much! 💖

      9. DiosRaw Avatar

        Indeed, it sometimes takes death to wake us up and propel us forward.

        I love and appreciate you very much too.

        What do you think is happening with the world? ❤🙏

      10. ourdaydream18 Avatar

        I read a post that you wrote and I think you are in agreeance, that I definitely believe this is a death to life situation this year. We are birthing a new. It’s definitely a spiritual warfare but only for the betterment. This year is also a 4 year which is a year of limitation. But get excited because next year is a year of freedom! So we shall see if it acts in accordance! 💖

      11. DiosRaw Avatar

        I agree. However, is humanity doomed to crack? The way things seem is bleak, very bleak. I keep reading posts on disclosure and how the light is winning but am dubious… ❤

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