I Am Still Here

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The biggest issue with modern society is religion holds God captive to a book, while others hold a grudge against God for religion. God isn’t just in a book, but God has a hand in all books. God has a hand in all movements. The sun shall set and rise again by the hand of our Lord, as will another day bring you prosperity even if you do not see it. God is in your innermost workings, as well as every person who is brought to you today. God is the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end. It is our will to not see him as infinite but rather hold him captive and allow earthly matters to be our focus. God is trying to teach us something imperative, that it is only but our will that evil prevails. But through evil did evil manifest and through love is evil overcome. But today, see God in all of your movements. What is God trying to relay to you? Which direction is God moving you? At the end of the day will God say job well done, that you did the best that you could on that day to do good?

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