Who You See As Nieve Just May Be Your Hero

It is when we never truly learn what love looks like on earth as is granted from heaven that we appreciate the smallest of gestures. It is those that have felt death that only wish to give life. It is that when we have things taken from us, we understand what it’s like to have those things missing. That we can never really understand the gravity of joy until we have felt utter destruction. It is the contrast between good and evil that allows us to see how undeniably important it is to salvage all evil to only have good prevail. Those that have known death are our greatest heroes, for their lives are now permanently designed to give you life! Those with the biggest hearts can see much more than you may realize, they aren’t naive, but they see all your pain and sorrow that causes you animosity. Loving through hate isn’t a weakness, it’s a strength, hate may not deserve their love but they will do it anyway. See them as they are, they are heroes.

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