Each Connection Is A Spiritual Experience

Do we randomly walk the earth making direct choices? Choices that bring forth fruits for tomorrow? I don’t know, I rather understand that if I died today the earth will continue its rotation. No matter how much I try to manipulate time, I always find myself falling short.

Then we have deep connections with strangers. I notice when I meet a stranger that I can see much deeper than they relay and I gather an imprint from the connection; I know how they feel without them saying a word. If they are happy, their happiness rubs off onto me and I carry a smile through to the next person I meet. I ponder how many people may be affected by the smile of just one happy human. Then if I run into someone angry, as hard as I try to push their energy away, there are times when I take it personally which inevitably penetrates the people that I then come into contact with. The same as a smile travels, as does a scowl.

Then we have our internal connection concerning our movements. When I have peace and calm to start my day, I am monetizing that same type of energy to me, I am giving others happiness which is reflecting off of them and back to me. When I wake up in a bad mood, I am a magnet for that same energy. I turn smiles into frowns. All these energies are in movement. And while I reap what I sow, I may find later events to show me clearly what I need to learn. So these movements are never held captive to a momentary lapse, they travel like a title wave.

When I make my way to the beach, I look around at all the comfort and peace in everyone I see. The connection with the ocean is comfort. Could it be that we are connected to everyone and everything? When I see a beautiful sunset, I can’t help but be captivated. When it’s gloomy outside, I can’t help to feel a bit down. And when I see an eagle, I feel it’s power, and I am overwhelmed with excitement.

But then we look to the planets. Oh wow, how amazing it is that in the whole universe here we are, standing, but is it random? Or no? That not only were we gifted the opportunity to inhabit the universe, but we are also constructed of some of the same materials that make up the universe we live in. We are so very small, oh but so very important. That while here we stand in the middle of thousands of galaxies our smile can travel like a title wave.

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