Happy Valentine’s Day From OurDayDream! Special Love Note To You ♥️

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Happy Valentines Day!!! ♥️💙💜💚💛🧡
Contemplation for the day!! ⬇️ 💐🌷

Those that are single your message is coming up next, keep reading!! ♥️ If you are in a relationship:

I think to this quote, “He left behind the ashes of his sweet memories, leads her heart to become an ocean, an ocean overfilled with love which is leaking through her eyes.” by Yashi Srivastava. We need to be routine driven humans for survival and movement. But don’t allow love to become simply apart of your routine. Love is our greatest gift! That what we give away will be multiplied. Keep it fresh and exciting. As Willa Cather says, “Where there is great love there are always miracles.” Love isn’t mundane, love is majestic. That God gave us his love and the strength thereof through one another. ♥️

If you are single:

Some may find sadness on this day, they may even look back to memories that will fill their void which will ultimately multiply their sadness. The past is gone and written, the future safely rests in God’s hands, and at this moment you have a choice to either stand somewhere you don’t belong (the past) or use your misplacement (the past) as a catapult into the unknown. What you give of your heart at this moment will be returned. So what love and kindness can you give to a stranger today to make their day a bit brighter? You will not regret this love-driven scavenger hunt, prowling your neighborhood for the perfect act of kindness, rather than dwelling on failed efforts.

God bless guys! I hope you have a prosperous day filled with love that is multiplied and joy that can’t be numbered. In Jesus Name Amen 🙏♥️

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