What If We Couldn’t Hide Our Thoughts?

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Our mind instructs us to do the right thing, while it pushes us to do what is wrong, then it complains about all the above. Why do I have this incessant noise in my head? It tells me that I went the wrong way. It tells me that I said the wrong thing. It tells me that I am sad. It tells me that everything is going wrong. Why can’t I just shut it off?

Come on now?! Is this acceptable?? If you had a friend that constantly made you second guess yourself, would that person be your friend at all? Our thoughts could be our worst enemy, not only do we tend to believe all of its lies and deceptions, we feel its discord even when we know that it’s our thoughts that are deceiving us.

We tend to accept all this chatter as our reality. We might even see our vision as truth. We believe that we know what is best and we spend our days trying to prove our worth and right to the world. But if our mind had a transmitter that allowed our every thought to be heard by a passing stranger, would they believe that you had everything figured out? How much effort and stress do we give to ourselves worrying about what others may think of us? They will never know us, they can’t, because they have never walked in our shoes.

Honestly, would you care what they thought about you if they had a transmitter that allowed for you to hear their thoughts and chaos? At the end of the day, all that matters is that life is a learning experience and this moment is meant for your growth. Embrace it all as part of this beautiful experience called life.

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  1. DiosRaw Avatar

    Great post. 🖤

    1. ourdaydream18 Avatar

      Much like the be sis! ♥️

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