Finding Love, Infinite Possibilities Within

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You and I have much in common, my experiences built my view too. We cannot compare ourselves to one another because our experiences can never actually be duplicated in totality. So, we can only ever really evaluate one another as to compare for a learning experience.

Ok, so where am I going with all this?! It is said to believe that negative trumps positive. I mean, I could have been waiting for months to experience today, and because everything did not live up to my expectations, I forget how exciting it is that I actually made it to this very day! Does any of this sound familiar? We were brought here on a journey to experience and love; though we have many experiences we do not even notice while we are caught up in what we believe is living. Here I am yet again rambling on, I am sorry, are you still waiting for my loving expertise…?

Ok, ok, here it is, I mean if you are really opened to experiencing my incredible understanding? Find a seat, you will want to take this all in. YOU WILL NEVER EVER RECEIVE THE KIND OF JOY YOU KEEP FROM YOUR EXTERNAL CIRCUMSTANCES, searching for joy is like searching for a living dinosaur. I mean, the odds are…

If you are looking for joy externally, you are more than likely in a negative form, I mean you do not actually have that which you are seeking. Why would you search for something you already possess? Although, you will find moments of joy that will only ever be experienced by chance that is if you are open to receive.

There I go, yet again in the left field. But I appreciate the flow. I will not restrict myself to the reader’s preference, society’s standards, or any other form of manipulation this world will try to use against me to keep me obedient to their beliefs. So, I will be defiant and stand firm in merely experiencing my world and loving myself more and more every single time I overcome my emotions! Every single time I overcome a character defect I will acknowledge my involvement of that victory!

Besides, when I tried to fit in, I never truly felt the same as anyone else. And well, let’s get real, no one noticed me either! We worry so much about being shunned if we step foot outside of what everyone expected of us, but when we dare to tiptoe past our limits, we realize we just inspired a handful of people?! Shew, scary but oh so rewarding! I start noticing that I am pretty wonderful! Wow, I can actually do whatever I want!

Then I dare to do the unthinkable and date myself! I take myself out to eat. I take myself on long walks in the park. I serenade myself. I set myself up a hot bath with candles. I go on vacations with myself. I end up in these incredibly romantic situations! I end up setting myself up for noticing the beauty in my surroundings as I compare that beauty to myself. I even take it a step further and recognize that exceptionally long walk that led me to this point in time where I find myself falling in love with every good and bad situation that led me to this very moment of complete appreciation for my breath.

You might wonder, what is the point of all this banter? When we stop trying to find joy, we give ourselves the permission we need to start experiencing, we end up finding exactly what we needed. So, you see, when you find love for yourself everything simply falls into place. You find love by understanding that your external circumstances only ever move you to a negative position because you gave that circumstance permission to move you. If you understand that your place in this world is only ever independent, and in that independent love and serenity we help inspire the world. Yes you! You inspire a loving ripple that penetrates far and wide. When we notice how truly wonderful we are, we find appreciation for the journey and infinite love for ourselves, the kind of joy that can never be taken away but only moves with our circumstances. Don’t wait one more minute to look at how far you have come, the beauty in all your efforts, and the excitement that lies ahead!

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