When I Focus On Escape, Only To Find Hell

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Have you ever found yourself standing in a place that feels completely uncomfortable? In those moments the only resource we have left is movement, we use that movement as our focal point, we might even try like hell to control the journey.

We need to escape this place that we are standing in! We need to feel peace again, this tension is way too sketchy for us to be comfortable. It’s like, at any given moment we are going to snap and then what? What will happen then? We can not allow this to happen, by any means, we have to stay as comfortable as possible! So focus! We zone in, we see where we want to be, and we fight like hell to get there. Then, and then what?

I spent much of my life wishing that I was somewhere else. If I could just get there, I would be happy at last! Then when I found myself where I wished I would be, I needed to find a new position. My God?! Can I just find it, I need to be happy!

Let’s get honest, I didn’t know what on earth happiness was! I thought it was a part of who you are, I had no idea that happiness was appreciating what I have?! Who knew that I could have dreams while accepting where I was as a stepping stone?

Well, maybe you knew. Maybe you have this crazy world figured out, and maybe your control actually bears fruit. Or, maybe you just trust. Maybe, you understand that life is full of movements that can never be controlled, so you decided a long time ago acceptance is the easiest ride. Maybe you learned that you are where you are, you will be where you need to be, all of which is leading you to where you are trying to go.

Let’s face it, focusing on discomfort is extremely uncomfortable. No matter what we are actually going through, independent in nature our commonality is that our focus can either help us or hinder us. If we focus on the pain we feel, our pain intensifies. If we focus on suffering, yes, exactly we are miserable. But if we focus on victory and newness we see the tension loosen, we may even find ourselves smiling through a situation we never imagined possible. Besides, it takes tension to break us just enough to find appreciation, to birth a better day and a new sight.

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