My heart is magnified for the father. He is the man that doesn’t take his role lightly. To the father, I adore you from afar.

I watch you as you swing your child on a swing, you could be doing so many other things, but showing your child they mean more is your priority.

I watch you as you passionately teach your child, you take the time to show them everything there is to know. You provide your child with the confidence that they can do anything they put their mind too.

I watch you as you pick your child up from a fall, so calm you swoop in to save the day. You show them that life hurts, but you just get back up and shake it off.

I watch you as you brag about how amazing your child is, you can’t help to look up to them as the special existence that gave you purpose.

I watch you as you stand exhausted, you have to keep the material world at bay to provide for your child, you show them sacrifice is not suffering but love.

I watch you as you worry, you worry that everyone and everything is going to be ok. You carry the world without a bead of sweat, and at the end of the day that was you living your purpose.

The father, he teaches his sons how to be a man and he teaches his daughters what pure love is.

The father, he teaches his sons purpose and satisfaction, he teaches his sons confidence and strength of heart.

The father, he teaches his daughters what value she holds, he makes sure that she knows better than to settle for anything less than a man that will be a father.

Oh, the father, he holds the whole world with grace and he shows us how to show up to struggle.

To the father, I adore you from afar.

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OurDayDream was founded by Andrea Rice as a means of helping others thrive spiritually after suffering 34 years of depression. Andrea is now a content creator, blogger, influencer, and Christian life coach - focusing on self-growth and personal development. She also started The OurDayDream Show, a weekly video podcast, that features various guests including music artists, authors, life coaches, spiritual leaders, and more.

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