Tribulation Is Service Work

When the universe is fighting against us, most of us are only aware of its action, we don’t see behind the scenes. The dominos effect that exists, it places everything where God intended it to be. If you are anything like me, you are pleading for God’s will to be done, which is acceptance! That’s not always easy or attainable. If only we could have this robotic nature where we are unmovable. If you think anyone has this all figured out, agh, we ALL have our weak points. Please don’t allow assumption to hold you in a place of condemnation of self. How are they so happy all the time with so much patience? They are where they are supposed to be, now where do you want to be? It’s so easy to feel the world authentically through our eyes. My LOVE, let me tell you that your exactly where you are supposed to be! God doesn’t make mistakes, and he is so much stronger than your strength.

So, while you feel like you are flopping around, God has a plan. When you feel like you have nowhere to go, God has a plan. When you feel all alone, God is there. Everything that is happening to you right now in what appears to be chaos is exactly where you need to be to have all your prayers answered! Not only are your prayers being answered, but you are also a part of a grand design. When all you see is darkness, you are a light for others, and you don’t even have to try. God uses the dark for light. Know this, there is always something magical and unexpected happening outside of our awareness.

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