Heaven or Hell, It’s A View

There is so much uncertainty. Everything is at the tip of your fingers, will it all fall away?

So many times you took things for granted. Why do you have to lose it all to see what you had? Why can’t you just be grateful?

Did you wish it all away? Did you wish away what you needed because you wanted something to blame your feelings on?

“I will be better off!”
“I don’t need anyone!”
“I got this!”

Why do you push away that which you love? Why don’t you see the love that you wish for?

Why is it so easy for you to accept hurt, but so hard for you to appreciate?

Your past can’t be mended, although, you may accept it as what molded so much beauty that you see every time you glance into the mirror.

What? You can’t see it? Look a little closer….

It lives in every tear you manifested, every ending that birthed a new beginning.

It lives in every smile.

It lives in every song that you sing.

It is alive every single time you make someone laugh.

It is present each time you decide to take a deep breath rather than just reacting.

Every time you use the pain you have overcome as a hand for another, there it is!

I am here right now to let you know, that which dwells in your shadow sparks life in the darkest of places.

You are worthy of everything God is trying to provide you, and when you start seeing your beauty in your reflection God will start showing your reflection in everything that you see.

So today, decide you are worthy of all things beautiful. Tear down the walls built from defeat and receive what God is trying to gift you.

You say you don’t know heaven, that’s because you are still choosing to live in hell.

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OurDayDream was founded by Andrea Rice as a means of helping others thrive spiritually after suffering 34 years of depression. Andrea is now a content creator, blogger, influencer, and Christian life coach - focusing on self-growth and personal development. She also started The OurDayDream Show, a weekly video podcast, that features various guests including music artists, authors, life coaches, spiritual leaders, and more.

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