OurDayDream Quotes #28: Sarah Ban Breathnach

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“Having accepted the Great Creator’s assignment and run with it, I had both the right and obligation to own – and to share – the work that resulted.”

Sarah Ban Breathnach

This quote hit home for me! Life has taught me that money and college degrees are the only way to have talent. Is my statement a generalization, absa freeken lutely.

I can’t totally agree that money and college degrees are the only way to have talent, so allow me to explain why this generalization even exists in Andrea’s world. Many people have said that I have talent, many that have college degrees – although when I go to apply for jobs that align with this talent – I don’t even receive a response, let alone an acknowledgment.

So either a thought manifested a generalization, and the generalization birthed the universe I live in? Or, we indeed need a college degree to have talent?

Regardless, when people ask “Are you a writer”, I say, I wish! And when people ask, Are you an artist”, I say I wish! And when people ask, “Are you a councilor”, I say I wish!

But this is my talent gifted to me from God, and if God says I am good enough I should allow my heart to receive it!

Andrea Rice

I recognize that I didn’t allow the need for a degree to keep me quiet! I have OurDayDream plastered all over social media platforms, and I share content on this website. Though, I still need to allow myself the permission to say, yes, I am who you say I am God. So next time someone asks, yes, yes I am a writer, an artist, and a counselor, all glory to creation.

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