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There Are Certain People That God Introduces You To On Your Journey: Introducing To You – Jack Coleman! Everything I share in this post is all Jack Coleman’s work! I believe you will love him, as do I!

Introducing Jack Coleman

I understand every energy has a time and place. So, the more masculine mind would not want femininity within negotiations, contracts, and decision-making situations, as there would be “too many emotions.”

We work most of the days in the mindset of “check your emotions at the door” and “stop crying and get over it.”

The more we live in this mind and make the feminine mind feel shameful about letting their emotions out, the feminine will feel even more suppressed in being able to exercise emotions, which we are really transitioning into the understanding that letting out and exercising our emotions are really healthy. It’s an emerging pole flip in how we’ve gone about our emotions, from the perspective of “suck it up, buttercup.”

We currently believe that having emotions within these more international situations, we will be vulnerable. Why? Everything might seem like a war to the masculine mind, so we can’t possibly “feel” for people when we’re on the brink of a war. This is why they don’t want women in positions of power, and even the women in positions of power still have a highly masculine energy about them.

We ultimately need to learn how to integrate the two masculine and feminine minds together in order to transcend. It’s not just putting women in positions of authority if they’re going to act like the current masculine figures. The same goes with men becoming more feminine. It just leaves the dynamic where it is but now women are playing masculine and men are playing feminine.

There has to be an integration between the two minds within each men and women. That’s where the juice is…

It happened the way it happened because it happened that way…

We can look at it the “error” and say, “I should’ve done it differently.”

Sure, we call this learning. The other aspect to this is learning what we should’ve done in the previous circumstance and then apply that to the future circumstance. The thing with this philosophy is we’re actually trying to take from the past and apply to the future.

I personally promote this as conscious evolution, but at the same time, a decision made in the past might not always be the decision to apply in the future, because not all future (if any) will be exactly like the one we learned from. Sure, we’re the ones that get to determine how similar the future circumstance is to our past circumstance we learned from, but the truth is we don’t truly know.

So, should we deny “making the wrong decision” in a moment because it didn’t work out the way our lower self desired?

All decisions are final. The energy we give to them is infinitely spectral in nature, meaning we can feel/see however we wish. The only limitation is consciousness…

Stay tuned for the next introduction! There will be many more to come! I hope you enjoyed Jack Colemans’ work as much as I do! 🙏♥️ God bless guys! ♥️

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  1. DiosRaw Avatar

    Wonderful words and awareness of the divine feminine and masculine which when synergised uplifts humanity and the duality is working in harmony. ♥️

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