Introducing To You – Matt Sassano!

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There Are Certain People That God Introduces You To On Your Journey: Introducing To You – Matt Sassano! Everything I share in this post is Matt Sassano’s work! I believe you will love him as do I!

Matt Sassano & Andrea Chat

I had the privilege to go to a concert while Matt was touring with Seventh Day Slumber! It was such an awesome experience to see him perform! Above all, it was beautiful to see him connect with every person in the audience before and after the performance! With such a beautiful heart and authenticity, he is making a huge impact in this world one soul at a time.

Check Out Matt Sassano’s New Song, Not My Name!

Check Out Matt Sassano’s Website!

Check Out Matt Sassano’s Facebook Page!

Check out Matt Sassano on Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, YouTube and more! You will fall in love with his heart, very inspiring! ❤

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