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With all things uncertain, love covers a multitude of… What areas of your life could use your tender love and care?


A girl holding Venus in her hands. Venus mainly symbolizes love. A girl is holding that love with confidence to ensure it doesn’t travel far. From here on out she isn’t allowing Venus to travel by! Her love will no longer waiver. From now on she will create beauty in all her surroundings. From now on she will have affection towards all things. From now on she will desire all things beautiful, in turn she will attract all things that bring her love. From now on she will have pleasure in the vast journey ahead. From now on, she is love!

Venus has astrological functions including:

  • Attraction or Repulsion
  • Envy, Jealousy, and Lust
  • Affection
  • Pleasure and Indulgence
  • Creativity, Expression, and Talents
  • Visual Beauty
  • Desire
  • Creating Beauty in One’s Surroundings
  • Dressing to Impress

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