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When the world calls your name, what is it telling you? Not only does the world relay messages of a change that needs to take place, but also it shows us how we actually view ourselves.

They Can Only See What I do Wrong?!

Do you see yourself as worthy?

If you see yourself as unworthy you will notice a common theme as the world will tell you over and over that you are not doing good enough. As your soul cries, why can’t you see, the world screams you need to change your view. Only when you see you’re worthy of goodness, will you actually see how great your world is!

Nothing Ever Goes Right!

Do you believe that you have bad luck?

Do you see yourself as a lost cause? As though nothing will ever go right? Like you just have bad luck? The world begins to put stumbling blocks in every direction, watch out! Every single time things are going well, a wrecking ball comes plowing in destroying all of your efforts. Don’t trip your soul pleads! When you understand that life is simply an accumulation of experiences, when you stop personalizing your experiences and labeling yourself as the experience, agh you found the key to the secret garden. Stop manifesting fire and brimstones!

They Are All The Same, I Am Tired Of Getting Hurt!

Do you believe that you will find a partner that will never leave you or forsake you?

Do you believe that you will never find a deep connection? Do you believe that you will never find a partner that compliments you? If deep down you feel like it will never happen, like you were not destined to find them, the world will most definitely grant you a love that will break your heart. I met a man that said all women were b**ch*es, that he is staying away from them! Adam couldn’t be made perfect as God designed him because he wasn’t content, so God provided him with Eve. The moral of the story is, yes we can be happy alone, but we have this part of us that cries for this love that was granted by God. The odds are even being steadfast in the idea that you are done dating, there will come a day when you find someone, sure enough, you will end up with a broken heart. Your soul says you have much love to give yourself. Just because you didn’t see before what you deserved or what you desired for that matter, doesn’t mean that you can’t receive what you desire in the future. That is if you choose to close the last chapter and realize that this is a clean piece of paper, a new scenery, different characters, and has nothing to do with the last chapter. If you believe that they will hurt you, you will end up hurting them. Heal and be open to the idea that you will receive what you need.

I Am Stuck At This Job, It Has The Best Benefits, And I Won’t Get As Much Money Anywhere Else.

Are you taking full advantage of your talents, purpose, and the little time we are placed on this planet?

Do you believe that you’re not skilled enough to chase your dreams? If you believe you have to settle, the world will grant you a position that simply makes you feel incompetent. Your soul cries, you have so much in you that you hide from the world. Agh, see you have this yearning because you were born to step out into your purpose with confidence and faith. You have everything you need. Begin learning new skills. Start doing your best where you are today, expecting that this day is simply a stepping stone on your way to where you will be later on down the road. You are so close to the life you were trying not to want but secretly hoped for! Lose the internal dialog that says it’s too late now. Or there is nothing better out there for me. I was stuck at a job miserable for 4 plus years because I believed I was too old to go or do anything else. Then one day a light bulb came on, Andrea you’re the one that keeps yourself stuck here. Soon after I found a way out. I am so grateful for that lightbulb. Let me turn on the light for you.

It’s Hell On Earth!

Do you see the beauty in this life?

I spent a great portion of my life living in repetition. I had so much to do, I needed to get it done. My world consisted of to-do lists. I saw humans as hateful and miserable. I was living simply to work and pay bills. To be quite frank, death seemed a better option, because nothingness would be way better than living in sequence with the repetitiveness of existence. Your soul says, don’t forget about me! If you can relate to my story of simply living, you are dead already. The only thing worse than physical death is a spiritual death. You may ask how I came to see outside of this fast-paced society. Well, I began to connect with myself. What do I love? How do I love myself? How can I give that same love away? What can I do differently? With many self-help books and seeking my soul’s yearning, I began looking around at the different scenery. There were so many things I never noticed before, it’s like a brand new world came to exist. I began to see that the more I put my soul first and the more I loved, the more my world morphed into a beautiful wonderland. I began seeing more and more kindness in my surroundings. More people smiling and laughing. More people that loved strangers the same way I was loving strangers. I started noticing a life worth enjoying. So to say, stop blaming the world for the hell you see and take responsibility for your view!

Taking responsibility for your view is the only gateway to changing the vision. Once you start changing your view towards yourself, and toward your existence, the world grants you access to a world you could never have dreamed up. If someone had told me before I made changes, you’re the one that is making the view you see today. I admit I would have become angry. Who are you to assume anything about me? I was nice to everyone and was treated unjustly time and time again. That wasn’t my fault! Until I decided, what could it hurt to love and connect with myself more? I started noticing a new world. So if you are living in repeat, insanity, popping pills hoping that you will gain a different result because you have tried everything else. Try giving yourself the same love that you always hoped that others would give you. Start taking responsibility for the script your mind plays, questioning every thought. Stop personalizing your experiences. Start seeing your worthy of all the things you desire. Start giving all the love that you give to yourself away, this is where you see love multiply. Stop expecting people places and things to change, and start changing your view of it without judgment. Comment below if you can relate! I wish you the best on your journey to self-discovery and a new worldview!

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