Introducing To You – Indra Rinzler!

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Introducing To You – Indra Rinzler! Everything I share in this post is the work of Indra! I believe you will love him as do I!

Indra Rinzler & Andrea Chat

How to Become Empowered through your Astrology Chart – Indra Rinzler

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Indra’s Gift To Me, Email Him For Yours!

Indra Gave me my North India Mode Vedic astrology chart.

What My Chart Told Indra About Me!

“You have a strong Saturn, which gives you discipline. Your Moon is debilitated (least favorite position) which means emotions can be difficult, even if you appear unemotional. All the planets are on one side of the chart, this tells me that you like big ideas and the mundane world is not where you hang out.”

Indra Rinzler

Indra was on point with his reading!  Because I don’t like to hang out in the mundane world, discipline is actually difficult for me. Instead, it may work in a way where Saturn makes me feel restricted because it is hard for me to do big things as I lack the confidence in myself to be able to do big things. The moon is definitely not easy for me to deal with, it provokes me often to be emotional. Though I learned to trust in God and the world gave me a hardness, I still gain many situations that seem intended to break my heart. Email Indra at for your gift too!

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