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The gloomy day.
The clouds fester,
the grey offends our senses.
The rain falls,
our energy dwindles.

Everything is embraced by greys growth.
The gloom penetrates our soul, we plead for the sun that gives us life.
We forget that without the rain there is no life.
The gloomy day was designed just for you, who can be upbeat when the sky isn’t blue?

It was I that slowed you down the gloom cries out to you,
how will you use grey to grow?

The grey whispers,
it is I that holds the sights you have yet to see,
the life you have yet to love,
and the unexpected beauty that lies outside glow.

The sun smiles,
I will give you the energy that grey’s growth needs.
I will be back again says the sun,
and when I return the view will look different for both you and I, as for today simply embrace the grey.

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