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Introducing To You Kerry Auret. Everything I share in this post is the work of Kerry! You will love her as do I!

Chat Session Preview

Kerry Auret & Andrea Chat

OurDayDream features Kerry Auret a LOVE coach! Kerry supports powerful, embodied men and women who aren’t willing to settle to align with a dreamy prospect that is on their level so they can experience the legendary relationship of their dreams. We spoke about her coaching, getting in alignment for what you want so you can be prepared to receive it, conscious blocks, and so much more! She is on her way to making generational impacts with her way with words, her kind heart, and fun personality! What an awesome chat session! You really don’t want to miss it!

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My hope is that this interview shows people that our view is a critical part of receiving what we desire. Thank you Kerry for joining me today, it was so much fun!

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