Become Someone No One Thought You Could Be…

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Introducing To You Daniel Johnson. Everything I share in this post is the work of Daniel! You will love him as do I!

Daniel Johnson & Andrea Chat

OurDayDream features Daniel Johnson a breakthrough actor! Daniel’s projects include the romantic comedy series SWIPE, Drama God’s Love Saved Me, Ma Rainey Black Bottom, Chadwick Bozeman, and the drama “Lost Mind.” Daniel and his twin brother Nate Johnson also started the Pittsburgh’s Hotlist podcast . We spoke about her incredible story, how finding value is important, her organization On Purpose Ministries, her coaching program, and more! What an awesome chat! I really think it will open some eyes! You don’t want to miss it!

Find Daniel Johnson on IMDB

Swipe Trailer

God’s Love Saved Me Trailer

Lost Mind Trailer

Pittsburgh’s Hotlist Podcast on Spotify

My hope is that this interview shows people that we have a choice that makes an impact. Thank you Daniel for joining me today! You don’t want to miss this psychological chat!

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  1. Wanda Johnson Avatar
    Wanda Johnson

    I am Proud Of My Sons And Daughters And All They Accomplish In Life. Very Happy Mom Wanda J. Johnson. Happy About Your Accomplishments With Your Show. Keep Succeeding.
    Wanda Jean Johnson

    1. ourdaydream18 Avatar

      Awe, you did a fantastic job momma! Thank you so much for the compliment, you blessed my day! 🙏💜

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