The 2022 Overdose Awareness Event

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2022 Overdose Awareness Event

OurDayDream Features the 2022 Overdose Awareness Event in Somerset PA hosted by Not Alone Family Support Group! It was an absolute blessing to be a part of documenting this event! This episode features 3 interviews and a short footage. Hard stories lead to great victories if we keep moving, a stumble here and there on this road called life will ultimately help us to walk with more certainty. We speak on topics such as recovery, addiction, and loosing family members because of addiction. This was a heartfelt chat that you don’t want to miss!

Not Alone Family Support Group

Find Out More About Adult and Teen Addiction Medicine Services at UPMC Western Behavioral Health at Twin Lakes (formerly Twin Lakes Center)

My hope is that this podcast gives hope to those fighting the battle of addiction, but also gives a view into what addiction does to the family as well. I also hope that the people see that we should all allow the recovery community to teach us all how we should be coming together in love as they do! A big shout out thanks to Paul, Diane, and Jace! Also, a huge thank you to the Not Alone Family Support Group for the invite!

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