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Introducing To You Jaxyn Charlton

Jaxyn Charlton & Andrea Chat

The OurDayDream Show features Jaxyn Charlton a mighty man in Christ and my son. We spoke about what God does for us in our lives and why God calls adults to be more like kids. Jaxyn shows us in his message that words do impact kids. Jaxyn also wanted to take you with us on our hike down the mountain! This chat has a lot to say, a must-watch!

Check Out Jaxyn and I on Christian Events Mailbox 3/22/22!

“I LOVE you because God LOVES you.”

Jaxyn Charlton

My hope is that this interview shows everyone how much we impact the next generation! Where one child gains a deep connection with God, many will follow in the extent of this child’s life! God will teach him, use him, and give him great purpose and fulfillment to the latter end. Teach your children the ultimate source of wisdom.

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