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Introducing To You Brock Predovich

Brock Predovich & Andrea Chat

The OurDayDream Show features Brock Predovich founder of Trustio an invoicing, payment, and project management platformpoet, world traveler, practical health hacker, resilience coach.

We spoke about his travel awakening experiences, and his company Trustio. This chat had so much love in it, it will surely open the gate to look at how your world may have programmed you so that you can look for a new experience. You don’t want to miss this awesome chat!

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Learning How To Say Thank you In Vientaine Laos

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With Challange Comes Opportunity – Do What You Can Do

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My hope is that this interview shows everyone that we should step outside of our comfort zone to chase our dreams, even if we fail we are gaining another opportunity for success with more wisdom.

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