Let’s Talk About the Healing Journey

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Introducing To You Antoinette Logan

Antoinette Logan & Andrea Chat

The OurDayDream Show features Antoinette Logan, the creator of the full-service account management, The Altered Image Agency (A.I.M.), the founder of the non-profit, Bonded by Birth, and an international author.

We spoke on topics including childhood trauma, fighting depression, the healing journey, and Antoinette Logan’s different projects. This is a life-changing chat, you don’t want to miss it!

Antoinette Logan’s Official Website

Water For Her Soul by Antoinette Logan on Amazon

Self Mastery Masterbook

It Starts With I Affirmations & Intentions (Pre-Sell) E-book Bundle

Antoinette on Facebook

Antoinette on Linkt.ree

My hope is that this chat shows you that when you take full responsibility for your view, healing is available. Thank you Antoinette Logan for being awesome and joining us!

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