It’s Christmas Time

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Written by: Mariah Jean

From the VERY FIRST,
Christmas has been a time
of social unrest and inventory,
of domestic instability and transience.

There was no room at the Inn.
There was no rest for mama with child.
There was no home for newlywed parents.

There was political chaos and social disturbance.
There were masses on the roads
and dust on feet,
on hearts.

So love?
If this Christmas is no different,
if your heart and eyes are scanning
far and wide for Hope,
if your feet must travel
dry blistering roads in pursuit of Peace,
if there is no room
on the guest list
or schedule
or credit card,
if there is no Rest or open arms
in your own town,
your own home…

You are in good company, my friend.

The company of
scorned unwed mothers
and crazy dreamers,
the ones going about
their every day
hoping for reprieve,
praying for answers,
looking for solutions to situations
far beyond their depth,
and yet still showing up every day in expectancy.
These hungry souls?
These become the ones
tempering fear
in the presence of Angels,
left in dumbstruck awe and wonder at the appearance
of blinding Brilliance,
Unfolding Deliverance,
the Promise of GOD WITH US…
…when all else screamed at them: God-forsaken.

And their instructions?

Look to the sky.
Look in a stable.
Look where you will ask, “Can any good thing come from this place?!”
Travel frigid deserts and brave broken systems.

Expect the UNEXPECTED,

This is how to calm
the whirling storms,
the deep unrest.
This is how we welcome
when it comes to make it’s home with us.🌟

May you meet Peace among us
beyond your imagination this December…

🖤 MJ

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