Brock’s Thoughts #5

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Picture was taken at Annapurna Base Camp

We have two desires
One to find awe
And one to return to peace

We wish to create
To be taken aback
To be stimulated
By what we come upon
Or what we forge
Within this world

But we also thirst
For connection
For silence
For serenity
Freedom from any strife
Or dissension

The two desires
Seemingly conflict

To find awe
We must walk within the wild
We must dance among the wolves

To assume peace
We must sit upon the mountain
Detach from the world

Within the wild
We often get lost
Absorbed into chaos
And become chaos ourselves

On the mountain
We wish to stay
And some devote
Their entire lives
To this delicious state

But I believe
Our reason for being
Is to walk within both worlds
To fully know
Both dark and light

To dream
To thrust our intentions
Upon this world
And to find and be
In this world

Not sit upon
But become
The mountain
Within the wild

To establish our place
Grow and rise
Within the fray
All the while
As the mountain does

Annapurna Base Camp

Image found on Annapurna Base Camp’s Facebook Page, check them out!

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