Instead Of Trying To Make Changes This Year, Appreciate You…

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The New Year usually means new resolutions, changes that you would like to make in the upcoming year and the things that you would like to accomplish. Maybe you desire material things, things you wish to buy. You may just wish for a better year, one that is full of happiness.

There is always something to want, even need for that matter. There are inevitable changes constantly occurring on both the inside and the outside of our being. Some of you may look back and see waisted resolutions.

With a brand new year ahead yet to be discovered, full of dreams and aspirations, I suggest instead of trying to make changes appreciate who you are without any of your resolutions at all. Appreciate who you are authentically. Appreciate everything you have. Work on being the best version of yourself, rather than a new version.

When we place too many restrictions and standards upon ourselves we may find a sense of restraint and lack. Although we can never go wrong with doing the best we can while moving in a positive direction.

May your year be full of love, laughter, and kindness. May all your efforts bring not the road that you want, but the road that you were always meant to travel. May you find a newfound freedom and happiness that is permanent. May you see that every obstacle is guiding you to a better day. Most of all, may you see that you are loved and cherished!

Happy New Year!!! 💥🎉💜

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