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Introducing To You Saved By Skarlet

Nate Middleton & Andrea Chat

The OurDayDream Show features Nate Middleton the lead vocals of the Christian rock band Saved By Skarlet!

We spoke on topics including the repercussions of sin, the war in our mind fighting against our members, the heart that God wants us to have for one another, what brought him to pursue the band life, and a couple of the band’s songs including Black Knight! This chat was so much fun and insightful; you don’t want to miss it!

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Saved By Skarlet – The Syndrome [Official Music Video]

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Black Knight – Saved By Skarlet (Official Lyric Video)

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Surrender All – Saved By Skarlet [Official Lyric Video]

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My hope is that this chat shows you that you are not a part of the world that produces your anxiety, but you are a conduit of God’s love which is freedom. Thank you Nate for being awesome and joining us!

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