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Today is the first of many. Why not start a column on OurDayDream? My mind has so much whirling around, it may just contain something that someone else needs to hear. So here I am dropping my thoughts, and heart to you Monday through Friday. I figured the best time is after I read my son Jaxyn his bible story and put him to sleep, there is nothing left to learn for this day, there is only a pillow calling my name.

I feel like it would only be logical to share my day with you, who knows maybe I will receive words of wisdom or encouragement from one of you. I would love for this new section to be a place where we can engage a bit, I mean we all have been through so much, and there is much wisdom we can gain from one another. So I say welcome to OurDayDream, where we are trying to see life in different lights together!

I start my day out each morning with a daily read-out of a few choice books. I am in my 3rd year of reading Sarah Ban Breathnach’s book Simple Abundance A Daybook of Comfort and Joy, if you have never read the book then you wouldn’t understand, lol don’t judge. It is a daily reading that is packed full of so much goodness that you need reminders. It seems like the things that hurt me I can hold onto so effortlessly that it takes extreme effort to release, but it is so easy to forget the things that are good for me.

It was sometime in December when I was pleased to find the daily devotional It’s a Good Morning Just Because You Love Me published by BroadStreet. Last week I found two other books to add to my morning inspiration, 365 Ways to Raise Your Frequency by Melissa Alvarez and The Tao of Now by Josh Baran. I will be bringing these books forth periodically as life seems to highlight their perspectives on that given day.

I truly believe that there is a main highlight on any given day. The idea of finding acceptance stood out most while reading this morning. When you realize there are many coincidences so they may say, I call it a great and loving God trying to walk me through the terrain called life, you start seeing there are secret notes hidden away waiting for you to turn your head to the left or the right just a tad bit and they hit you in the face. I am so thankful for that! On days like today, I understand that God wanted to prepare me for what was to come.

There are many uncertainties in my life right now! I mean not the kind of uncertainty where you question which shirt to wear, although I even struggled with that today! I am talking about the uncertainty of being unemployed and questioning whether it is safe or not to go out into the unknown, to walk by faith to do what God has called me to do. While God whispered to me this morning, to find acceptance, and trust in me, my mind was in frenzy coming up with the worst-case scenario more so than usual. While God whispered to expect a miracle, I only saw negative outcomes. Deep down I can’t help but believe that I am not safe, but I want to accept that God has my back.

I watched a ministry the other day, WOW! It was beautiful but scary at the same time. It was Tyler Perry: God’s Guidance to Your Dreams (Full Speech) | Praise on TBN. Tyler spoke about God calling him to do something that landed him homeless in his persistence and faith. I thought, wow, would it get that bad? Tyler said but still don’t stop going! Such an incredible testimony, although I was shocked by its timing in my life. Deep down I think, knowing my luck…. But my heart says my persistence will pay off!

There were many blessings on this day, loving people in my life, an old friend reached out, and I had a podcast with another incredibly talented and beautiful person that God granted as a guest, shout out to Devin Williams!

Yet while I was in the middle of making dinner, I told my partner to please come and pray with me, yet no release! Tonight, Jaxyn’s bible story was speaking about how the angels came to Abraham to tell him he would have a son, Sarah heard this from inside and began laughing. She said I am too old to have a child. What stood out in my mind? Acceptance!

I leave you with this thought tonight. How many times do you allow what you know to be true by the positioning of your feet dictate what God can do? I can humbly admit that I imagine many times when I may have acted as Sarah because of doubt. Father to anyone that reads this column tonight who struggles with disbelief, including me, I thank you for never leaving or forsaking us. That you are working things out for our God. Father send your holy spirit to teach us the wisdom to know the difference between your promise and Satan’s lies and give us the strength to seek you first. In Jesus’ Name, I Pray Amen! Blessings to you! As God told me this morning, lay your head down on the pillow tonight excited about a miracle tomorrow! Big or small, we receive it, Lord!

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