It Is an Important Question to Ask Where Is Your Heart?

The question I have been brought to a lot lately is, am I trying too hard?

Podcast: Miracles Happen When You Are Aligned with God

The OurDayDream Show Features Rusty Drake and David Arnold from the Christian rock band, Rusty Drake & The Watchman.

Letting Go of How We Image Things To Be

We are progressing the most in our darkest hour.

What Is the Warning Signal

If you feel discomfort, think, what can I change?

Podcast: Answering the Heavenly Call

The OurDayDream Show Features Christian Rock Artist Zahna!

Why Should We Celebrate Our Victories Now

Appreciate this day as a progression towards God’s destiny he designed just for you.

What Is the Future Your Words Are Designing?

May your words reflect the destiny that God wills for your life.

Choosing A Better Ending: OurDayDream Daily Column

My day came with a massive awareness, one that is going to change the rest of my life.