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Hello everyone! Welcome to my daily column! I hope that you had a beautiful day! If you checked out yesterday’s column you would know that I concluded the opening with “I prayed hard for a sign” that was for today. I am excited to share with you what I received! I hope it blesses you guys as it did me! So today, I am not going to choose a topic, I am just going to take you on the journey with me!

Joshua Whitehead from 4 All Generations, Austin and Leb Comedians, Mickey Bell Comedian, Zahna, Nate Middleton from Saved by Scarlet, Devin Williams, and Rusty Drake Music.

This morning I jumped on Facebook and saw one of my favorite prophetic ladies had shared out a Facebook Live! I watched it for a few minutes, she was speaking about how she has had the flu. I sent her a prayer and commented on the video. I jumped off because I wanted to read my daily readings first so I gave the Live a quick share so I could come back to it later. Divine timing! God had something else he wanted me to watch first! So when I hopped back onto Facebook after reading, I saw another favorite prophetic lady had a Live that I decided to watch first! If you are trying so hard to do good, yet it feels like there are relentless stumbling blocks placed in your way, check this live out! It will bless you!

Thank you, God, for reminding me that I am your daughter and my life is in your hands! Notice how she said in the intro just give God praise, just praise him. If you read yesterday’s column, I declared that today will be a day of praise. Debra’s intro was a whisper that God had a message for me! The second I closed out of the video I clicked on my notifications to find prophet Mable had commented back to my prayer and said that the Lord brought a song to her mind as soon as she saw my name. As soon as I read her comment my heart dropped and I started sobbing in gratitude. I turned on the song and laid my head back in comfort. Here is the song!

Needless to say, I cried the whole time! Agh God you are so good! I sat down last night at the table trying to explain what was wrong with me. When I sat and thought on that question, I realized as my world seems to be falling apart, I honestly was unsure of who I was without trauma. I built this person that stands here in pain. As far back as I can remember there has been consistent trauma, I never had the opportunity to know what ease felt like. I built myself the best way I knew how without losing my care for others. The day I was born again, 4/5/2019, I began a training process to learn how God wants me to be. The longer I walked this journey the more apparent it was that I was still carrying the cross. I was still walking as the human that has been abused. Intellectually I understood what carrying the cross meant, but I didn’t comprehend what that meant emotionally until last night. God allowed me to feel what that meant. That awareness emptied me out just enough to receive these beautiful gifts today! Here is Mabel’s ministry!

Today I interviewed Matt Moore! Divine timing! I say this because I accidentally blew him off weeks ago. An error on my behalf, I didn’t have the interview on my calendar. He was so gracious with me, and scheduled another date which was today! The first song that I listened to by him was The Promise! Wow, it was yet another sign from God, and because of the timing it designed such a powerful chat session set to publish on March 6th! Check out The Promise!

After the interview I decided to take a walk down memory lane and found my 3rd Facebook live, since then I have done too many to count. What was so great about God taking me back was that I have been through everything I am going through now before! It seems that sometimes we are on the right path but life hits us with such a brunt force that we forget how far we have come, I mean life can’t be avoided. This is one reason it is so important that we journal! You never know what life will throw your way! Once you get yourself collected you will want these reminders that say you have been through hardships before and God showed up! Check out the live!

If there is anything I hope you will gather from my day is this:

  • Life is a process! Don’t get so caught up on this step that you hold yourself back from the next which could actually be your breakthrough.
  • God is never too far! Call on him, ask him for a sign! As beautiful Debra prayed to remove the scales from your eyes and the veil from your mind; Open up your eyes and ears to hear what God has for you.

I wish you all a day of clarity tomorrow! Blessings to you my friends!

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