Letting Go of How We Image Things To Be

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Hello everyone! Welcome to my daily column! I hope that you had an awesome day! Tonight, I decided to share an old post from May 2022, for no particular reason, besides that I have been fighting a headache and nausea all day. I appreciate any prayers! Tonight, we will be talking about letting go of how we imagine things to be, giving God the permission he needs to create a better outcome.

Letting Go

When we are young, we cry, and our parents either scold us for being upset or cuddle us up in their arms hoping to fix the issue. Regardless, we are programmed to believe that we need to feel good. Check out my video from TikTok where I explain.

Letting Go of How We Image Things To Be

Where some religions teach us that Jesus will fix everything, while we are left thinking that God isn’t with us because we are hurt.

Where school recognizes and awards perfection, while the lack thereof gets questioned.

We are programmed to believe that when we don’t feel good there is something wrong with us, and everyone wants to fix it. I am here to tell you that it’s the contrary, when we don’t feel good we are shedding the old to bring forth the new. Our pain could be the most beautiful experience of our life! That is if we don’t fight it.

We are constantly transitioning, whether we want to or not. Nothing stands still. Just as the Earth rotates, we are in movement. Even though we can’t feel the earth move, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. With every experience, we are evolving. With every new piece of information, we are transforming our perception.

When we are too afraid to look at the bad without judgment, we are missing the journey. Beautiful things are manifesting in the dark. The stars shine so wonderfully, as do we if decide to be a student. Check out this next TikTok, It’s Simply A Journey!

Hurt is inevitable. We will not always feel good, which is great! We are progressing the most in our darkest hour. We will never decide to take a detour to see the more scenic route if we are content where we stand.

Let God

If you are tired, be tired. If you are sad, be sad. If you are angry, be angry. But don’t allow your emotions to be who you are, and don’t condemn yourself for being a human being. You can’t always control the way that you feel, but you can lose judgment in turn lose the stranglehold.

Allow yourself the permission to be where you are without judgment, and allow the world to be where it is too. We were not meant to steer the ship, we were meant to leave God steer the ship while we enjoy the ride.

Give yourself permission to not be ok sometimes. I wish you all a beautiful day tomorrow! You are blessed, don’t forget it!

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