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Hello everyone! Welcome to my daily column! I hope that you had an awesome day! I was busy working on a course, but I finally see the finish line! The final exam is tomorrow! Tonight, I decided to share an old post that was never published until now; I hope that you enjoy it!

The Mountain

I was talking to a friend and life coach about my dissatisfaction with life. He taught me so much about love! When I thought about love, I thought about a romantic partner or the love I have for humans, I honestly never really thought about love for areas or objects. Sure, I enjoyed a beautiful sunset, I may have relayed love for it, but was it embraced as such? Not really, you see I have lived in survival mode for most of my life, it turned into a habit, so much so it was hard for me to digest love for life.

I Was Missing The View

I was talking to my friend Jack about my home; I could say that hate was an understatement for how I felt about it. I have lived in worse places, which didn’t help my condemnation for feeling incredibly ungrateful. I know this place wouldn’t be for everyone, including me, many would be turned off by the location, and the situation in general. I was missing the bigger picture!

Jack allowed me to see a house as someone else’s dream. Though I am not living in a home that makes me feel good, though it is not where I prefer to be, I could look through the lens of someone that would see this house as a home! Besides, stinking thinking is not beneficial no matter how much we try to relate to it, it keeps us stuck!

Appreciate The Mountain

Appreciate The Mountain

I could see this huge mountain blocking my view. I could see it as defeat, as I may never climb it. I could believe that the mountain needs to be moved, but it is unmoveable. Or I could see the beauty that the mountain holds. More importantly, I could create a beautiful view! This inspired me to start redecorating, getting rid of the things that I don’t love, and bringing in things that I do love. I decided to be responsible for my view, rather than being a victim.

This concept can penetrate every aspect of my life, this concept of love. By loving things that do not give me pleasure, which could be a blessing to another. To step outside of my view to look through another’s eyes. How can I design this situation to make it a bigger blessing for another? It just made sense to make the best of people, places, and things rather than being held captive to a limited construct.

At the end of the day, our view makes a world, and our world designs our life. To be quite honest I spent too much time wishing the mountains would be moved, instead of appreciating the mountain as a beautiful landscape with a magnificent adventure. Is there anything or anyone in your life that you could afford to redesign the view?

We have more power than we may give ourselves credit. I wish you all a beautiful day tomorrow! You are blessed, don’t forget it!

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