Podcast: Miracles Happen When You Are Aligned with God

Keep believing because miracles happen when you are aligned with God! Rusty Drake & The Watchman is living proof of these miracles! Not only do Rusty and David have testimonies that relay a miracle, but the evolution of the band is proof of divine timing! Check out the interview for the full story!

Introducing To You Rusty Drake & The Watchman

Miracles Happen

The OurDayDream Show Features Rusty Drake and David Arnold from the Christian rock band, Rusty Drake & The Watchman.

We spoke on topics including their testimony, Praying for your children, ending up face down in the church and was saved by God, lifestyle change that happened after being saved, how I was delivered from addiction, how miracles happen when you are aligned with god, behind the lyrics of Heaven, and so much more! You don’t want to miss this show!

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Miracles Happen

I hope that this chat shows you that prayers do work and that God can turn everything around overnight! Thank you Rusty and David for being awesome and joining us!

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